Monday, September 17, 2012

Tekelec Takes Policy “Everywhere” with Three New Products

Tekelec is introducing a "Policy Everywhere" framework that enables network operators to support  subsidized or “toll-free” data, opt-in mobile advertising, customer loyalty/rewards programs, and application-based service plans.  These capabilities are supported through three new Tekelec products: Mobile Policy Gateway, Application Manager, and Policy Analytics Platform.

Tekelec said its goal is to extend the reach of policy management to smart devices.  The framework could also be used to provide intelligent Wi-Fi offload, manage chatty applications, improve device security, and give subscribers greater control over their applications.

  • Mobile Policy Gateway (MPG) -- extends policy directly to the device. The MPG combines a standards-compliant Access Network Discovery and Selection Function (ANDSF) with dynamic network and subscriber aware policy management. It turns smart devices into policy enforcement points, reducing the need for costly deep packet inspection (DPI) and policy enforcement (PCEF) functions in the network core.
  • Application Manager -- allows service providers to securely expose network APIs, policies and subscriber data to OTT, on-deck, and service delivery platforms (SDPs). By converting web-based protocols (LDAP, SOAP, XML, HTTP, etc.) to Diameter, it creates a single point of control for two-sided business models with application providers.
  • Policy Analytics Platform - unlocks network intelligence buried in millions of policy event records. The data give network operations, IT and marketing departments granular business and network insight about how subscribers use and access services and applications.This allows service providers to see how policies impact subscribers’ behavior and network resource allocation so they can create targeted tariff plans based on subscribers’ usage, pricing and quality of service preferences. 
“Policy is the ‘everywhere’ technology that will transform service provider business models,” said Houck Reed, vice president of product management and marketing at Tekelec. “As billions of smart devices become policy enforcement points and new features extend policy and analytics to over-the-top applications and mobile advertisers, new business models will emerge that match subscribers to the relevant, timely content they want.”

Tekelec noted that is currently has 58 policy customers, including 43 Tier 1 service providers, in 33 countries.

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