Monday, September 10, 2012

Riverbed Scales its Optimized Cloud Storage to 32TB

Riverbed has expanded its Whitewater cloud storage gateway portfolio with a larger model with four times the storage capacity and twice the RAM for larger backup data sets headed for cloud storage.

The Whitewater platform ingests back-up data into its local data cache that scales to multiple terabytes in size. Whitewater performs deduplication, compression, encryption and other optimization techniques before delivering the back-up traffic over the WAN to a cloud-based storage service. Riverbed said its clients often achieve 10-30x reduction in backup traffic over the WAN, thereby making cloud-based back-ups a faster, easier and lower-cost alternative to tape with offsite warehousing. Data restoration is much faster too since the local cache typically stores a majority of the previous 30 days of backed up data.

The new Whitewater 3010 model appliance supports up to 32 TB of deduplicated local storage and 160 TB of deduplicated cloud storage. This capacity increase represents total source data of 1.6 PB to 4.8 PB.·
Riverbed supports a range of cloud storage services, including Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Windows Azure, Rackspace Cloud Files, HP Cloud Services, EMC Atmos-based cloud storage solutions and Nirvanix Cloud Delivery Network (CDN), OpenStack Object Storage (Swift) etc.  

Riverbed is also introducing Whitewater Operating System (WWOS) version 2.0, which was built for enterprise-grade performance, high scalability and simplified administration. Whitewater appliances

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