Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nominum Leverages DNS Query Analytics for New Applications

Nominum introduced its N2 platform and "IDEAL" ecosystem for helping network operators to harness the power of DNS data analytics to improve their networks and offer in-house applications.
Nominum’s DNS software currently processes over one trillion queries per day at over 140 network operators worldwide.  The N2 platform gathers and anonymizes this data allowing application providers seamless access to it.  The N2 platform enables the rapid development and seamless integration of applications that leverage this DNS data.   These applications are generated by the Nominum IDEAL ecosystem, an open ecosystem of application providers. 
Nominum said this approach lets network operators leverage their DNS infrastructure to deploy more highly functional apps more quickly and cost effectively to differentiate their services.
“Traditionally, it’s been hard to take advantage of DNS data to gauge network health and activity or improve the subscriber experience. The tools for collecting, synthesizing, anonymizing, and analyzing it weren’t adequate,” said Nominum’s Chairman Dr. Paul Mockapetris, the inventor of the DNS. “The N2 Platform simplifies the process of collecting large amounts of data in real-time and makes it easier to develop new applications and integrate with other network operator systems."
Additionally, Nominum has released six new Nominum applications built on top of the N2 platform:
  • Nominum Subscriber Safety: Protects subscribers from malicious websites on any device.
  • Nominum Network Security: Deters outbound spam, protects valuable network assets and subscribers.
  • Nominum Personal Internet: Makes it simple for subscribers to personalize their home Internet.
  • Nominum Network View: Provides instant access to high-level network intelligence with drill downs to detailed data. 
  • Nominum Configuration Manager: GUI interface streamlines DNS operations and reduces management costs.
  • Nominum Content Filtering: Gives families the option to keep illegal and offensive content out of their homes and mobile devices.