Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nokia Siemens Networks Envisions 1GB per User per Day by 2020

Nokia Siemens Networks is preparing to launch a series of new capabilities, software and services within the company’s Liquid Net and Customer Experience Management portfolios.

Given the rapid growth of mobile broadband, the company envisions that operators will soon be faced with the challenge of delivering a gigabyte of personalized data, per user, per day on a profitable basis.  As mobile broadband surges, the delivery cost per bit is projected to decline rapidly as well, so Nokia Siemens Networks is discussing a radical market transformation to where the 1GB of data per day costs as little as $1 per day for hundreds of millions of users.

“Over the next eight years the rise in mobile data traffic will accelerate much faster than revenues,” said Marc Rouanne, head of mobile broadband at Nokia Siemens Networks. “We are focused on helping operators deliver mobile broadband profitably in the face of this challenge. In October, we will share with operators how they can meet this demand, delight their users, and still make money.”

Nokia Siemens Networks said its greatest task is in helping mobile operators (1) to reduce the cost per bit delivered, (2) to provide greater flexibility in the network to meet spikes in demands and support specialized services, and (3) to ensure the best end-user experience.  On this last point, NSN is working to deliver a unified Customer Experience Management that pulls together all network performance indicators and customer experience metrics into a single view.

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