Thursday, September 13, 2012

Intel Developer Forum --"Connecting to the Future"

Intel is developing an all-digital radio that follows Moore’s Law by scaling in area and energy efficiency with such digital chip processes as Intel’s latest 22nm tri-gate technology. The all digital Wi-Fi radio system-on-chip designs targets smartphones, tablets and new wearable devices.

Some other areas highlighted in the Intel Developer Forum 2012 keynote by Justin Rattner, Director, Intel Labs and Intel Chief Technology Officer:

WiGig -- 60 GHz wireless technology capable of 5 Gbps performance

Intel Smart Connect technology -- wakes up an Ultrabook just long enough to receive the incoming packet traffic and then it goes back into standby mode to ensure long battery life.

Client Based Authentication Technology - using biometrics via a smartphone to provide network access.

C-RAN -- Intel Labs is collaborating with China Mobile to design and prototype a full-scale Cloud Radio Access Network (C-RAN).Dr. Chih-Lin I, chief scientist at the China Mobile Research Institute in Beijing, explained that C-RAN technology could reduce both capital and operational expenses for wireless service providers while providing superior levels of wireless services to users with fewer dropped connections during periods of peak demand.

VWN -- Intel Labs is engaged in another project Video Aware Wireless Network (VAWN), where both service providers and end users will benefit from the latest wireless research. VAWN aims to increase the streaming video capacity of wireless networks while improving the viewing experience by optimizing network performance on an end-to-end basis. Cisco and Verizon are partners with Intel of the VAWN project.

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