Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Huawei Outlines its Cyber Security Perspectives

"All stakeholders – governments and industry alike – need to recognize that cyber security is a shared global problem requiring risk-based approaches, best practices and international cooperation," according to a new published whitepaper by Huawei entitled "Cyber Security Perspectives: 21st century Technology and Security – a Difficult Marriage."

John Suffolk, the company's Global Security Officer, confronts the risks in cyber security and espionage should network devices or network infrastructure be compromised in any way. Possible attacks could range from "back doors" to complete remote "kill switches" embedded deep within complex equipment. The range of adversaries extends from individual bad actors to corporate spys, organized crime syndicates, terrorist groups and potentially even other governments. He says Huawei would welcome a coordinated international approach to principles of data protection and cyber security.

 For its part, Huawei has adopted an industry best practices approach to go the extra mile in cyber security assurance. Suffolk writes that Huawei "does not, and would not, support, condone or conduct activities intended to acquire sensitive information related to any country, company or individual, nor do we knowingly allow our technology to be used for illegal purposes."

The 24-page paper is posted online.

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