Tuesday, September 18, 2012

BT and Cisco Test 100G IPoDWDM

BT and Cisco have completed an IP-over-DWDM trial that integrated coherent 100G optical interfaces with the Cisco CRS-3 Carrier Routing System (CRS-3).

The trial used Cisco's CRS-3 core router generating a standards-compliant 100G "alien wavelength" directly into BT's existing network over a 770 kilometer span consisting of DWDM systems from multiple vendors. The test was completed this past summer.

Integrating the DWDM components into the router eliminated the need for a costly external transponder.

Cisco said its coherent technology eliminated the need for additional dispersion compensation units and electrical and optical regeneration equipment, providing a path for BT to further reduce capital and operational expenses.

"Using an IPoDWDM and alien wavelength solution whilst leveraging our existing DWDM investment allows BT to scale its network to a new level. Fulfilling demand for Fibre  Broadband and reducing the unit cost for bandwidth at the same time allows us to invest for the future and is key to BT's strategy. Working with Cisco on this trial has been highly productive in demonstrating the viability of this approach" said Neil McRae, BT's Chief Network Architect.

"Integrating long-haul transport interfaces such as coherent 100Gb/s IPoDWDM into routers to reduce cost while addressing bandwidth demands on service provider core networks is a key step forward for the industry," said Surya Panditi, senior vice president and general manager, Cisco Service Provider Group. "In addition, as service providers increase the capacity of their core networks to 100G and beyond, the CRS-3 ensures continued growth and investment protection with its ability to manage 400 Gbps per slot."