Wednesday, September 26, 2012

AT&T Advanced Communications Suite Powered by Twilio API

AT&T has selected Twilio's application programming interface (API) for its Advanced Communications Suite -- its collection of web-based cloud applications for enterprises.
AT&T's   Advanced Communications Suite includes voice and SMS-enabled apps — such as appointment reminder services, polling & surveying data collection tools, ad-hoc workgroup calling & messaging, business continuity, and geo-smart messaging.  The collection of apps is available from the Web.
Twilio is a start-up based in San Francisco.  The Twilio API helps developers to integrate voice, SMS or client capabitlities directly into their apps.  

  • Twilio was founded by Jeff Lawson, previously a Product Manager for Amazon Web Services, and Evan Cooke, previously a Postdoctoral research fellow in network security and distributed systems at the University of Michigan.

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