Monday, August 20, 2012

Telefonica Germany and NSN Bring LTE to Berlin Campus Party

Telef�nica Germany and Nokia Siemens Networks are participating in a weeklong, 24-hour a day, "Campus Party" technology festival at the former airport area "Tempelhof" in Berlin, Germany. The companies are showcasing LTE's low latency and high data transmission rates.

The event runs from August 21-26, 2012. Some 7,000 "campuseros" are expected to attend.

Highlights of this year�s Campus Party will include mobile gaming and video streaming demonstrations, including LTE mobile reporter, where camera equipped reporters interview participants and highlight HD TV transmission over LTE; and online gaming, where two players compete interactively using a gaming system connected by LTE. These demos will allow participants to experience the benefits of LTE mobile broadband first hand.

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