Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Spirent Expands Testing for Network Virtualization

Spirent Communications is now supporting the ability to validate at scale the performance and security of advanced network virtualization and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployments.

The virtualization test capbilities are enabled by Spirent TestCenter, Spirent Avalanche and Spirent Studio. Specifically, Spirent TestCenter Virtual and Spirent Avalanche Virtual now offer expanded support for any type of hypervisor beyond VMware, including KVM, XEN and Hyper-V, to test network virtualization capabilities of cloud platforms such as OpenStack. Spirent Studio Security offers firewall application awareness and vulnerability detection test capabilities for BYOD deployments. And Spirent has partnered with Login VSI B.V. for VDI testing, adding realistic user emulation to determine optimal performance of private or public cloud-based VDI deployments. In addition, Spirent TestCenter OpenFlow tests performance and scale of virtual and physical devices in cloud networks based on Software Defined Networking (SDN).

Spirent said key issued for testing network virtualization cloud platforms include:

  • Determining the best performing cloud and VDI platform for different applications and services

  • Assessing the availability of end-to-end network, computing and storage resources during peak times

  • Ensuring readiness of next generation network security with profiles to detect undesirable applications and block them from being accessed

  • Validating the optimal scalability of cloud and VDI platforms as additional users and virtual machines are added.