Monday, August 20, 2012

LightSquared Appoints New CEO as it Seeks Resolution

Doug Smith will serve as the new chairman and CEO for LightSquared. Mr. Smith was previously serving as co-chief operating officer for the company. He is credited with LightSquared�s network design, deployment and operations, helping to develop the technical characteristics necessary to bring to market a competitive high-speed wireless network. Previously, he worked for Clearwire and Sprint Nextel.

"LightSquared remains committed to working with all stakeholders to find an equitable resolution to the regulatory challenges that the company has faced this past year,� Mr. Smith said. �We are very confident that working together, we can provide the American public with both a protected and robust GPS system while enabling LightSquared to offer consumers and businesses more choice and a lower priced 4G wireless alternative they need and deserve."

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