Thursday, August 9, 2012

Huawei Offers UMTS Small Data Packet Storm Solution

Huawei introduced a UMTS Small Data Packet Storm solution that can double the number of mobile broadband users with smartphones that can access the network simultaneously.

Huawei calculates that 80% of UMTS usage lasts less than 10 seconds and 60% require less than 1kbit.
However, the use of smartphones is creating "small data packet storms", which are different than traditional voice services and high data rate downloads. When a smartphone user frequently refreshes pages on a site being browsed, the total amount of consumed traffic is very low. In scenarios where smartphone penetration is high, with many simultaneously connected users, air interface efficiency decreases greatly leading to decreases in capacity, user experience and total connected number of users. This is a "small data packet storm."

Huawei said its Small Data Packet Storm solution has been deployed commercially in Canada, Europe, Hong Kong and other regions.

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