Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cavium's OCTEON Sees Small Cell LTE Traction in Korea

Cavium announced that its OCTEON Fusion base-station-on-a-chip solution will be powering the 4G/LTE small cell deployment for SK Telecom, the largest mobile service provider in Korea.

Cavium also confirmed that KT has the OCTEON Fusion platform for the first stage of commercial deployment of LTE small cells.

The OCTEON Fusion processors combine OCTEON's L2-L7 multi-core technology, along with purpose-built, highly programmable L1 baseband DSP cores and extensive 3G/4G hardware accelerators, and front end (DFE) functionality in a single chip. These components are connected through a high performance interconnect to enable low-latency data processing between protocol layers. The OCTEON Fusion family consists of two software compatible product lines: CNF71XX and CNF72XX, which enable small cell base stations supporting from 32 to 300+ users on both LTE and 3G platforms. The Fusion platform is also designed to support a range of wireless and wired backhaul technologies including Wireless LAN, Microwave, Gigabit Ethernet and Fiber. The OCTEON Fusion CNF71XX, Fusion Stack™ and SDK have been sampling since April 2012. 01-Aug-12