Wednesday, August 8, 2012

AT&T and Alere to Deliver Diabetes Monitoring

AT&T is teaming up with Alere Health to deliver "DiabetesManager", an end-to-end mobile health (mHealth) diabetes solution powered by WellDoc that will help adults with type 2 diabetes manage their health and engage with their caregivers.

Alere Health currently provides patient-centered health management for over 290,000 individuals with diabetes in the U.S.

The FDA-cleared DiabetesManager will be targeted for higher risk, higher acuity patients, in contrast to Alere's Mya solution that is designed for lower risk, lower acuity patients. With this new system, patients enter blood glucose readings and medication data into DiabetesManager on their compatible mobile device or the web and receive real-time feedback regarding their blood glucose control and immediate, recommended next step actions. The solution will be integrated with the Alere advanced clinical care management system, Apollo, to provide active, clinically based care management, with live clinicians available 24/7.

"There are hundreds of mHealth diabetes applications in the market today; however, this solution will be one of the first to be fully connected to a clinical system as part of an integrated plan of care," said Mike Cotton, CEO of Alere Health. "It goes beyond providing real-time coaching to the patient and enables the valuable patient information collected to be shared with nurses, case workers and doctors, who can communicate directly with the patient if needed." 08-Aug-12