Friday, August 24, 2012

Arista, F5, VMware and EMC Isilon Demo Multi-Vendor SDN

This week's VMworld 2012 in San Francisco will include a demo of multi-vendor programmatic automation with solutions from Arista, F5 Networks, VMware and EMC Isilon.

The joint demonstration of the Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) specification shows a common network foundation that enables seamless interoperability across ecosystems.

Some key elements:

Arista EOS working in conjunction with VMware vSphere® to gather real time information about network segments created and specified using Virtual Extensible Local Area Networks – advancing network virtualization capabilities that enable end-to-end segmentation.

Arista EOS interacting with F5's BIG-IP iControl API to dynamically update the state of servers participating in a server load balancing pool during switch-level fault detections. This coordinated effort improves fault detection at multiple layers and ensures the highest levels of application availability and performance.

Arista EOS creating hardware Virtual Tunnel End Points to enable any device to be in any network addressing range - true separation of physical to virtual to cloud networks.

In addition, the Arista demonstration also leverages EMC Isilon storage working with Arista hardware Virtual Tunnel End points, providing scale-out storage to VMware virtual machines as they move across virtual, physical and cloud networks.


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