Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Alcatel-Lucent Offers API Consulting Services

Alcatel-Lucent is launching a new consulting and professional services practice to help service providers adopt a lifecycle methodology for application programming interfaces (APIs). The goal is to provide expertise and technology to streamline the creation, deployment and management of network-based services.

"APIs are the glue that ties together all the elements of the data economy – apps, the cloud and big data. But launching and supporting a dynamic API strategy is not easy - these programs need to be monitored, nurtured and directed as they evolve over time. Operators need to offer a program that lowers the barrier to entry for developers and creates a more supportive environment. Our methodology and related services are designed to address the pain points affecting developers when designing, implementing and integrating APIs," stated Laura Merling, Senior Vice President, Application Enablement at Alcatel-Lucent.