Thursday, July 26, 2012

Vodafone Spain Offers "joyn" Rich Communications to Competitors

Vodafone Spain has been offering a whole Rich Communication Suite to other operators in order to better compete with OTT providers. The umbrella name for the brand is joyn and the deployment in Spain is the world’s first joyn network. It offers users a combination of IM chat, video and file sharing services that are native on new smartphones or available as a downloadable client for those already in the market.

Vodafone Spain worked with Ericsson to develop the Rich Communication Suite evolved (RCSe) platform that joyn is based on. Ericsson supplied hardware, software and services, including Ericsson’s Messaging in One product which was adapted to meet the GSMA specification and then implemented as the joyn platform.

Vodafone said the ability to provide feature-rich services will bring users back to the network and in time will enable new revenue-generating services. The carrier noted interest in joyn from aroung the world, including New Zealand, India, China, the US, Canada, Turkey and Korea.