Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vitesse's VeriTime Delivers High Accuracy 1588v2 Timing for LTE-Advanced

Vitesse Semiconductor unveiled its "VeriTime" distributed timing technology for the highest accuracy in IEEE1588v2 timing for IP Edge networks. The VeriTime technology, which is already incorporated in nearly a dozen Vitesse products, including Carrier Ethernet Switch Engines and SynchroPHY portfolio of 1 Gigabit Ethernet (GE), 10GE and 10GE OTN PHYs, ensures a firmware upgrade path for meeting the more stringent timing requirements of LTE-Advanced (LTE-A).

IEEE1588v2 is widely expected to become the defacto packet synchronization standard for cell sites.
Vitesse's VeriTime eliminates the need for discrete timing FPGAs, processors, and software timing synchronization solutions in the cost-sensitive Edge and Access equipment. It supports both Boundary Clock (BC) and lower cost TC implementations of the IEEE1588v2 standard.

Vitesse recently reported network performance results to the ITU-T documenting VeriTime's < 3ns per hop accuracy over a nine-hop IEEE1588v2 Transparent Clock (TC) network, making it the industry's only solution that fulfills TD-LTE and LTE-Advanced requirements in real-world tests .
Vitesse also noted that VeriTime now includes components for implementing IEEE1588v2 timing over microwave links, overcoming latency variations due to weather and changes of modulation scheme.

"VeriTime represents Vitesse's fifth generation of IEEE1588v2 IP and is a significant architectural advancement towards providing GPS-grade timing over the network without sacrificing systems margin," said Martin Nuss, chief technology officer for Vitesse. "Based on our incumbency with dozens of telecom OEMs, VeriTime is quickly becoming the de facto solution in mobile networks."