Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vitesse Samples Low-Power, 11-port GigE Switch with 1588v2

 Vitesse Semiconductor introduced an 11-port Gigabit Ethernet switch targeted at low power Industrial Ethernet and Enterprise applications.

The VSC7414 chip is optimized for power-sensitive enterprise router applications and dissipates only 1.6W – 75% lower than the competition, according to the company. It supports more than eight queues per port along with priority flow control (IEEE 802.1Qbb) mechanism for advanced Quality of Service (QoS). It also incorporates Vitesse's VeriTime IEEE1588v2 technology. The VSC7414’s support of the nanosecond-accurate synchronization in IEEE1588v2 network timing also makes it ideal for utility/smart grid and emerging Audio Video Bridging (AVB) applications where precision timing is required.

“Similar to Carrier networks, Enterprise networks are converging on Ethernet,” said Uday Mudoi, director of product marketing at Vitesse. “This raises the importance of IEEE1588v2 network timing as the data center becomes packet-based. Our customers focused on Industrial Ethernet and Enterprise networking can now leverage Vitesse’s highly accurate IEEE1588v2 VeriTime technology, already adopted by dozens of telecom customers for mobile backhaul applications.”


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