Thursday, July 12, 2012

Swisscom Tests Huawei’s Vectoring and DSL at 400 Mbps over 200m

Huawei has delivered a Giga DSLAM prototype to Swisscom.

Since April 2012, Huawei and Swisscom have been testing Huawei’s Vectoring and solution in a demo set-up in Riggisberg, near Berne. The companies report that with, over 400 Mbps at a distance of 200 meters can be achieved.

Huawei’s Giga DSL system employs time division duplex (TDD) to achieve a total upstream and downstream rate of 1000 Mbps over a single twisted pair. It also reduces radiation interference and power consumption, providing a total upstream and downstream rate of 1 Gbps within 100 meters, and 500 Mbps-plus within 200 meters.

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