Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New OIF Projects Address 100G, 400G and Emerging Control Plane Applications

The OIF has taken on three new projects focusing on 100G and 400G needs for optical and electrical technologies.

1. Members of the PLL Working Group are actively assessing the need to synchronize data rates of 4x10G lanes with 4x25G lanes. By mapping an interface IC with fiber optic modules, the Multi-Link Gearbox 2.0 project looks at how to process the link technology with optical interfaces as bandwidth grows to 400G data rates.

2. A new project proposes an electro-mechanical footprint for Optical Engine (OE) modules. Driving optical conversion off the front panel, deeper inside equipment, OEMs are looking to achieve connectivity with future optically enabled multi-chip modules (MCM) packages and prepare for 3D stacking technology and 50 Gbps connected devices. This project will address the power, footprint and high-density connectivity needs for those applications.

3. The OIF has begun reviewing the extremely well received and forward looking 100G DWDM Framework Document that was published in 2009 to update and target needs of the 100G Intermediate Reach market. This project will look at the requirements and application scenarios related to low cost, power efficiency and high-density approaches for next generation 100G transmission as it relates to the Metro space.

At its quarterly meeting last week, the OIF also held a workshop reviewing emerging control plane technologies for cloud computing and Software Driven Networks (SDN). Topics of discussion included Cross Stratum Optimization (CSO), Open Flow, Application-Layer Traffic Optimization (ALTO) and GMPLS/PCE.