Monday, July 23, 2012

Infonetics: Carriers Like 100GE, MPLS, SDN, But Not So Much 40G

A new Infonetics survey of global carriers on their SDN, 40G/100G, and MPLS Control Plane Strategies finds a strong interest in software-defined networking (SDN) to simplify network provisioning.

"The networking industry is riding up the hockey stick curve of hype based on the hopes of new software-defined network (SDN)/programmable network technologies,” notes Michael Howard, co-founder and principal analyst for carrier networks at Infonetics Research. "And while many uncertainties surround SDNs due to their newness, our survey confirms that the programmable network movement is real, with a good majority of service providers worldwide considering or planning purchases of SDN technologies to simplify network provisioning and to create services and virtual networks in ways not previously possible."

Some highlights:

  • OpenFlow is the most developed programmable network initiative, and 80% of survey respondents are including it in their purchase considerations
  • 95% of service providers surveyed plan to deploy 100GE interfaces; most will not use 40GE
  • IP/MPLS (with control plane) is much more popular than MPLS-TP among surveyed service providers.


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