Tuesday, July 31, 2012

HomeGrid Forum Describes G.hn Interference Mitigation Techniques

The HomeGrid Forum published a whitepaper describing G.hn Interference Mitigation Techniques from neighboring PLC (Power Line Communications) networks in high-density environments such as Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) buildings. Such interference causes significant quality issues including IPTV freezing or failure, VOIP call interruptions, loss of data or even complete loss of network connectivity.

G.hn’s Neighboring Domain Interference Mitigation (NDIM) technology automatically mitigates interference between G.hn PLC networks using a range of measures, enabling near 100% network capacity for each network regardless of the number of nearby G.hn networks.

The White Paper, entitled: “PLC Neighboring Networks – How G.hn solves PLC’s Neighboring Networks Problem,” - explains the problems of both low and high level interference in neighboring networks, particularly in MDU environments where many PLC networks are installed nearby.

The whitepaper is posted online. 

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