Thursday, July 5, 2012

GSA Counts 417 LTE-enabled Devices on Market

The GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association) confirms that 67 manufacturers have announced 417 LTE-enabled user devices, including frequency and carrier variants. This includes 83 LTE smartphones, 31 tablets, 45 modules, 19 Notebooks, 1 PC card, 3 Femtocells, 157 Routers, and 78 Dongles.

Research for the report covered devices for use on FDD or TDD modes of the LTE system, their form factors, operating frequencies , and the fallback technologies which are supported when customers move outside the LTE coverage areas (i.e. ability to access HSPA, HSPA+, DC-HSPA+, EV-DO, or TD-SCDMA systems).

Some other notes:

  • 68 devices can operate in the TDD mode.
  • 267 LTE devices also operate on either HSPA, HSPA+ or DC-HSPA+ networks, ensuring a seamless mobile broadband experience for customers moving between LTE and HSPA coverage footprints. Within this figure, 109 LTE devices can operate on 42 Mbps HSPA+ systems.
  • 126 LTE devices support operation on EV-DO networks.
The report also considered the availability of devices by frequency band and support of the likely required combinations. The report findings are summarized below for the main LTE bands:
  • 700 MHz (US Digital Dividend, various bands) 193 devices
  • 800 MHz (EU Digital Dividend, Band 20) 90 devices
  • 1800 MHz (Band 3) 98 devices
  • 2600 MHz (Band 7) 120 devices
  • 800/1800/2600 MHz 75 devices
  • AWS (Band 4) 78 devices.