Monday, July 2, 2012

Extreme Networks Adds OpenFlow with Support for NEC, BigSwitch

Extreme Networks confirmed plans to provide OpenFlow support across its ExtremeXOS-based Ethernet switch portfolio and will support multiple OpenFlow controllers including NEC and BigSwitch. The company will introduce a plug-in for OpenStack to manage network switches using the Quantum APIs. Lastly, a new Web portal called xKIT will be launched aimed at sharing SDN applications. These OpenFlow capabilities will be available this month.

Extreme Networks said its goal is to enable application developers can build SDN applications for campus, cloud and carrier networks using a consistent framework powered by ExtremeXOS.

Additionally, by supporting multiple controllers, Extreme Networks offers customers a set of choices when it comes to their SDN deployment. "An SDN approach that provides network abstraction, centralized intelligence and programmability is fundamental to addressing the fast evolving challenges associated with mobility, cloud sourcing and the consumerization of IT," said Shehzad Merchant, vice president of technology strategy for Extreme Networks. "The benefits of SDN are applicable across the cloud, campus and carrier networks."

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