Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Eurofiber Offers 100 GigE in Netherlands & Belgium with Infinera

Eurofiber has begun offering 100 Gigabit Ethernet (100 GbE) services across the Netherlands and Belgium using Infinera's DTN platform.

"About eight years ago, the first 10 GbE services entered the market,” said Bart Oskam, Managing Director of Eurofiber. “At that time, 10 Gb/s was a lot of bandwidth, even for Internet exchanges.

Today, given the pace in which the demand for bandwidth is increasing, the demand for 100 GbE connections will grow much faster. Rather than aggregating multiple 10 GbE links to increase capacity, it is often more efficient to simply deploy a single 100 GbE connection. The Infinera DTN enables these new 100 GbE services from our existing network.”

Eurofiber operates a fiber optic network that extends through the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The network spans across 13,000 kilometers with more than 5,400 connection sites and 590 industrial estates. Eurofiber offers managed dark fiber connections, Ethernet services and DWDM-based optical transmission.

Eurofiber first deployed the Infinera DTN platform in 2009.