Monday, July 2, 2012

Broadcom and Emulex Announce Patent Deal

Broadcom and Emulex announced a partial settlement and worldwide patent license agreement relating to the patent litigation in the U.S. Federal District Court. Broadcom will dismiss certain infringement claims against Emulex and will grant a license to certain patents related to Fibre Channel applications. The fields of use licensed to Emulex are related, in part, to the Emulex XE201 (Lancer) ASICs, that are capable of Fibre Channel and Ethernet, 16Gbps Fiber Channel HBAs, Fibre Channel SOCs and other FC products. Emulex will pay to Broadcom a release and license fee of $58 million in cash. In addition, Emulex agreed to provide certain rights to Broadcom protecting Broadcom from Emulex patent assertions.

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