Tuesday, June 5, 2012

OIF Approves Multi-Link Gearbox Implementation Agreement

The OIF approved two new Implementation Agreements (IAs):

The Multi-Link Gearbox (MLG) Implementation Agreement defines a 10:4 Mux function to convert multiple (up to 10) independent 10 Gbps links into 4x25G lanes, and a 4:10 DeMux function to convert the 4x25G lanes back to multiple (up to 10) independent 10 Gbps links. This enables a variety of applications reusing 100GBASE-R technology for the transport of individual 10G links.

The End-to-End Transport of UNI Client Authentication, Integrity, and Data Plane Security Support Information Implementation Agreement describes a new end-to-end digital signature mechanism that provides authentication, integrity, and support for non-repudiation of UNI-C to UNI-C communications. It provides guidelines for implementers describing what to protect and how to apply this protection. It also discusses performance impacts, policy enforcement, security credentials and error handling.

The OIF also released a whitepaper on Management Plane (OSS) Support for Control Plane (CP) Networks as well as a second whitepaper on Thermal Management at the Faceplate, which focuses on air cooling of pluggable modules in a line card.

In addition, the OIF furthered its commitment to secure control plane networks by performing interoperability testing of the Security Extension for UNI and E-NNI 2.0 and Security for Management Interfaces to Network Elements 2.0 implementation agreements. http://www.oiforum.com

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