Sunday, June 10, 2012

NTT Com to Launch Global Managed Security Service

NTT Communications is launching a Managed Security Services offering a total outsourcing of security risk management for its global enterprise customers. The primary features of the Managed Security Services are as follow:

  • Unified security management ranging from on-cloud systems such as NTT Com’s Enterprise Cloud to on-premise systems, incorporating a variety of security solutions matched to each customer’s specific ICT environment.

  • Correlation analyses of security logs and visualization of potential risks by specialists, enabling full-layer security for a wide variety of ICT resources, from devices such as PCs to network, servers and applications, to protect against external threats such as targeted attacks, information leaks and abnormal behavior in intranets.

  • 24/7 support from over 400 experts in 12 countries, working in partnership with NTT Com subsidiaries Integralis and Secode, leading providers of security services in Europe.

  • Vulnerability assessment and profiling: Analysis of application and network status using unique analytical methods and reports on potential risks. Implementation of security measures also is supported.

  • Separate security measures for networks, web access, e-mail, applications and databases, and PCs and servers.

  • Prevention of confidential information leaks.