Wednesday, June 20, 2012

NEC Partners with SpiderCloud Wireless on Small Cells

NEC announced a partnership with SpiderCloud Wireless focused on small cell solutions. SpiderCloud's Enterprise Radio Access Network (E-RAN) technology delivers indoor mobile access and application services for medium to large enterprises.

NEC will resell SpiderCloud's SmartCloud system to its existing and new customers as part of its end-to-end Small Cell solution offering, which also includes Small Cell products for the residential and small enterprise market segments. The SmartCloud system consists of a Services Node and self-organizing Radio Nodes. The Services Node connects to NEC's Small Cell gateway over the Iuh interface and the Radio Nodes connect to a Services Node deployed on the enterprise LAN.

NEC and SpiderCloud are offering an integrated 3G and Wi-Fi SmartCloud system. NEC has plans to support LTE in the future releases of E-RAN system.

"The scalability, reliability and ease of deployment of the SpiderCloud SmartCloud system are ideally suited for NEC's needs," said Anil Kohli, General Manager at NEC Europe Ltd. "With NEC's Small Cell footprint covering more than 20 carriers worldwide, we can accelerate the deployment of E-RANs to help our customers serve their client base with a premium mobile services platform that is free from the capacity, time to market and cost limitations of DAS."

  • SpiderCloud Wireless is based in Santa Clara, California.