Monday, June 25, 2012

Ixia Debuts IxCatapult Test for LTE Small Cells

Ixia introduced a new test solution to validate LTE small cell systems, including LTE femto, pico, and microcells.

Major challenges include scalability, security, mobility, ease of deployment, and interoperability. These areas must be fully validated to prevent product and service delays, which can ultimately impact small cell market growth.

Ixia's new small cell validation, based on its IxCatapult product line, provides:

  • Functional, negative, and performance testing of femto, pico, and micro home eNodeBs

  • Wraparound testing of small cells by emulating user equipment (UE) and the wireless core network

  • Testing of all protocol layers from the physical layer (PHY) to the upper layer signaling (NAS)

  • Comprehensive media emulation

  • LTE Advanced ready