Monday, June 4, 2012

IPv6 Day: Top Websites and ISP Enable IPv6

Major Internet service providers (ISPs), home networking equipment manufacturers, and web companies are marking June 6 as "IPv6 Day".

The goal is to set a major milestone in the transition to IPv6, which was standardized in 1996. ARIN ran out of IPv4 addresses last year to supply to regional Internet registries.

Over 3,000 websites – including the top 4 and many other major sites – that have agreed to permanently enable IPv6. These include Facebook, Google, Microsoft Bing and Yahoo.

ISPs who have signed on include AT&T, Comcast, Free Telecom, Internode, KDDI, Time Warner Cable, and XS4ALL. These ISPs are enabling IPv6 for enough users so that at least 1% of their wireline residential subscribers who visit participating websites will do so using IPv6 by 6 June 2012. D-Link and Cisco are supporting IPv6 in their home gateways.

Akamai and Limelight will also be enabling IPv6 throughout their infrastructure.

There is a Google+ “Hangout On Air�? featuring Vint Cerf, Mark Townsley (Cisco), Erik Kline (Google), John Jason Brzozowski (Comcast) and others are discussing World IPv6 Launch.