Sunday, June 24, 2012

IP Infusion's ZebOS 7.10 Targets Software-Defined Networking Architecture

IP Infusion released its ZebOS 7.10 Layer 2 and Layer 3 network platform, adding new capabilities that set the platform foundation for building SDN-enabled networking equipment for mobile backhaul, Carrier Ethernet and data center networking.

IP Infusion said the latest release of its ZebOS fully supports the key tenets of SDN: control/data plane separation, abstraction and portability of network services, and network programmability. The modular design enables network equipment manufacturers to optimize solutions for their specific market requirements. ZebOS supports more than 200 protocols that conform to leading IEEE, IETF and MEF industry-specific standards and implementation agreements.

ZebOS 7.10 improves the bandwidth scaling capabilities of networking equipment to support large-scale virtualized data centers, accelerates the transition to LTE/Evolved 4G and supports the drive for 100 percent application service availability. It provides the abstraction, portability, and programmability required to deliver the scalability and reliability of modern networks. With new enhancements to ZebOS 7.10, IP Infusion supports the following next-generation networking requirements:

Comprehensive Bandwidth Scaling for Virtualized Networks – ZebOS 7.10 adds new technologies to drive the adoption of large-scale virtualized data centers in public/private/hybrid clouds. Included in this release are the latest drafts of the IETF Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL) standard and IEEE Shortest Path Bridging (SPB) as well as advancements in IS-IS and BGP route scaling.

Faster Transition to LTE and Evolved 4G networks – ZebOS 7.10 adds enhancements that enable the seamless migration from SONET/SDH services to Ethernet for mobile backhaul and other applications. Key capabilities include technologies such as pseudowire support, linear protection and timing protocols that provide the predictability and reliability required by traditional SONET/SDN services.

Support for Seven-Nine’s Reliability – ZebOS 7.10 supports the industry transition from five-nine’s network reliability (5.26 minutes of unplanned downtime per year) to seven-nine’s (3.15 seconds per year) for traditional telecommunication and new cloud services. IP Infusion is adding a high availability framework based on OpenSAF 4.2, providing application service framework checkpointing, as well as control plane functionality to ensure graceful restart and stateful switch failover.

“Both consumers and enterprises depend on reliable and scalable networking services, which is putting exponential pressure on network equipment providers to rethink how they design and build next-generation networking equipment,�? said Sandy Orlando, Vice President of Marketing at IP Infusion. “Our latest announcement provides customers with a networking platform to build modular networking solutions with the highest levels of scalability and reliability. The ZebOS modular architecture provides a foundation for transitioning networking equipment to an SDN architecture."