Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Huawei Looks to TWDM-PON for Next Gen Fiber Access

Dr. Yuanqiu Luo, Huawei's top optical access technology expert, has been appointed an editor for physical-layer standards in NG-PON2.

Huawei said it sees TWDM-PON as the primary solution for NG-PON2. TWDM-PON, a combination of TDM and WDM, stacks 10G TDM PONs using multiple wavelength channels, and from a technical perspective, does not require any changes in legacy ODN networks installed by operators. Currently, it is the solution most compatible with GPON and XG-PON, winning widespread recognition from telecoms operators, chip vendors, and equipment vendors. As a result, TWDM-PON was unanimously agreed to be the primary solution of NG-PON2 in the FSAN's latest group meeting.

In September 2011, Huawei released a 40G-GPON prototype built on TWDM-PON.

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