Monday, June 25, 2012

Hibernia Rebrands as Global Express Platform

Hibernia Atlantic has re-branded its Global Financial Network (GFN) as the Global Express Platform.

The Global Express Platform, which provides connectivity to 60+ global exchanges and low latency entry points in Europe and North America, serves the financial community, including global broker dealers, hedge funds, and capital markets.

Hibernia is also building "Project Express", a new cable promising the lowest latency connecting the greater New York City area with London. This transatlantic cable will be the first build of its kind in over ten years and will offer financial clients such as traders, global banks and exchanges, connectivity with sub 60 milliseconds latency between NY and London.

"Hibernia's Global Express Platform connects high frequency traders to global exchanges along the lowest latency, purpose built network," states Joe Hilt, Vice President of Sales North America for Hibernia Atlantic. "With direct access to international interconnection facilities, Hibernia provides global businesses the source for fast and secure financial connections."