Sunday, June 17, 2012

Google Acquires Magnolia Broadband's Beam Forming Patents

Google has acquired Magnolia Broadband's beam forming Mobile Transmit Diversity ("MTD") patent portfolio. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Magnolia Broadband said the patents cover methods for increasing spectrum utilization (network capacity), expanding coverage, improving uplink transmission speeds at the cell edge, and improving device battery life. The technology could be applied to smartphones, tablets and other broadband devices.

Osmo Hautanen, CEO of Magnolia Broadband, said; "We believe that Google's acquisition of our more than 50 Mobile Transmit Diversity beam forming technology patents underlines the need for such a technology in mobile broadband devices." Mr. Hautanen further explained Magnolia Broadband's continued vision: "The software, which can be embedded into any mobile broadband device remains the property of Magnolia Broadband and will be made available to mobile device vendors and chipset companies."

Magnolia Broadband is based in Warren, New Jersey. The company was founded by Israeli serial entrepreneur and wireless pioneer Haim Harel, President of Magnolia Broadband, who is the inventor and developer of the MTD beam forming technology.