Thursday, June 14, 2012

Columbus Expands with Acquisition of TeleBarbados

Columbus International, which operates a number of undersea cables across the Caribbean, agreed to acquire Antilles Crossing (Barbados) IBC Inc. and Antilles Crossing Holding Company (St. Lucia) Limited from Caribbean Fibre Holdings, LP. The transaction includes the purchase of TeleBarbados Inc., Tele-St. Lucia Inc. and Wamco Technology Group Limited. Financial terms were not disclosed.

TeleBarbados owns and operates a fiber network in Barbados and holds a broad range of licenses as issued under the Telecommunications Act of Barbados to provide domestic and international voice services, backhaul bandwidth capacity services, Internet exchange services, managed data network services, virtual private network services, public Internet access services, fixed wireless telecom services, domestic and international telecom services, and various wireless spectrum services. Tele-St. Lucia holds a series of licenses issued under the Telecommunications Act of St. Lucia to provide similar services throughout St. Lucia.

Columbus International is based in Barbados and operates in Trinidad, Jamaica, Grenada and Curacao and provides digital cable television, broadband Internet, digital landline telephony under the brand name, FLOW and corporate data services under the brand, Columbus Business Solutions. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Columbus Networks, the Company provides capacity and IP services, corporate data solutions and data center hosting throughout 23 countries in the greater Caribbean, Central American and Andean region. Its undersea network spans close to 18,000 km.