Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Big Switch Builds OpenFlow-based Overlays

Big Switch Networks is now supporting OpenFlow Overlay technology into the latest release of its Big Virtual Switch application, the company’s flagship SDN application for network virtualization built on the Big Switch Controller Platform.

OpenFlow Overlays allow for virtual OpenFlow networks to be overlaid on top of traditional, non-OpenFlow physical networks. The company said the key benefit is in placing any VM anywhere in the data center to reclaim stranded compute capacity. Beta testing is underway.

“OpenFlow Overlays are a great way to get started with SDN vision – getting subnets and vlans out of the way. This approach to Overlays is both backward-compatible with networking hardware already in place and forward-compatible with OpenFlow hardware for a smooth migration path to SDN,�? says Omar Baldonado, Head of Product Management at Big Switch Networks. “Our vision is that OpenFlow Overlays aren’t the end goal, but they let enterprises get started with an Open SDN architecture that works on top of the network they have today.�?http://www.bigswitch.com