Monday, June 4, 2012

AppliedMicro's "Black Mamba" PacketPro2 Processors Offers On-Chip Virtualization

AppliedMicro's "Black Mamba" APM8669x chip, which is the highest performing member of its PacketPro2 family of multi-core processors, offers virtualization and domain protection capabilities designed to keep systems operating continuously.

The virtualization capability is aimed at developers who integrate multiple systems into one processor are thereby face contention among these systems for shared resources. Black Mamba's domain protection capabilities isolates subsystems from impacting one another by averting on-chip conflicts. Applications include multifunction printers, enterprise control plane, consumer NAS systems, wireless access points, etc.

The APM8669x family features dual 1.4GHz PowerPC 465 cores, high-speed I/O, advanced offload acceleration engines, intelligent packet processing and AppliedMicro’s versatile ARM–based SLIMpro subsystem. The unique features of the APM8669x family enable AppliedMicro’s domain protection to run two or more subsystems simultaneously and independently without performance degradation, bandwidth contention, or security compromises. By enforcing a hardware-based virtual partition among subsystems, domain protection addresses a critical problem for embedded applications by preventing one operating system from monopolizing all the bandwidth to a resource thereby causing another operating system to starve.

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