Tuesday, June 12, 2012

ADTRAN Intros Bring Your Own Device Network Suite

ADTRAN announced a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Network Suite that addresses four key issues for businesses:

1. Highly scalable wireless LAN (WLAN): BYOD will result in a 2x-3x increase in mobile devices that are competing for scarce wireless bandwidth, resulting in a crippling information bottleneck in the organization. Traditional hardware controller-based WLANs are unable to handle the flood of mobile devices, and are prohibitively expensive to upgrade and maintain. ADTRAN’s Bluesocket virtual WLAN (vWLAN) is a cloud-enabled, VMware-based WLAN solution. A single instance of Bluesocket vWLAN can support 48,000 users and 1,500 APs, with 10X increase in bandwidth.

2. Unified management of wired and wireless users: Users need seamless access to their authorized set of resources (data, applications, portals), irrespective of the device and location. This requires IT organizations to implement a centralized access control and management solution to ensure consistent user, traffic and security policy management. The Bluesocket vWLAN solution offers centralized, unified user access control of all users – through Bluesocket Access Points (APs), wired ports or even legacy APs, creating a truly unified service experience across the enterprise.

3. Enhanced wired LAN infrastructure: Organizations also need to upgrade their LAN routing and switching infrastructure to support 802.11n’s increased bandwidth capability (300 Mbps per radio). ADTRAN’s NetVanta line of high-performance routers featuring RapidRoute technology, built-in encryption features and multiple backup options deliver higher throughput and ensure security of sensitive corporate data. In addition, ADTRAN offers a full line of business-class, managed Gigabit Ethernet switches that support the most bandwidth-intensive applications. The switches offer PoE / PoE+ to support indoor and outdoor APs, Quality of Service (QoS) and Class of Service (CoS) to support VoIP; and are optimized for iSCSI Storage Area Networks (SANs).

4. Network security at the edge: IT needs a centralized security policy management system to create the policies, which in turn are enforced by edge devices, such as wireless APs. The Bluesocket vWLAN takes advantage of intelligent APs that offer enterprise-class authentication, encryption and RF intrusion-detection to eliminate unwanted traffic before it enters the LAN, ensuring wireless security over the air and at the network edge. In addition, ADTRAN offers a range of NetVanta Unified Threat Management security appliances that offer real-time gateway protection, firewall and application-level intelligence and control to detect and eliminate external threats coming in via the Web. http://www.adtran.com