Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Verizon Accelerates FiOS to 300 Mbps

Verizon will more than double the speeds of several of its FiOS Internet tiers - and introduce two new tiers with even faster speeds.

The new FiOS Internet portfolio will feature download/upload speed tiers of 50/25 and 150/65 Mbps, as well as two new tiers of 75/35 and 300/65 Mbps. The latter speed is double that of FiOS Internet's current top speed of 150/35 Mbps.

In addition, Verizon will continue to offer its entry-level speed of 15/5 Mbps.

"As recently as 2005, video was less than 10 percent of Web traffic," said Mike Ritter, chief marketing officer for Verizon's consumer and mass market business unit. "By the end of this year, we expect it to be 50 percent, growing to 90 percent in just a few years."

Verizon noted that the average home now has seven Internet-connected devices, and by 2015 the company expects to see between nine and 15 Internet-connected devices per home. 

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