Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Symantec Tightens Enterprise Mobility Security

Symantec introduced a number of enterprise mobile security features aimed at the "Bring Your Own Device" crowd.

Symantec now offers tools to help organizations containerize corporate applications and protect sensitive data. The app and data protection capabilities, which are offered in both SaaS and on-prem models, enables enterprises to distribute, secure and control applications and data without requiring them to manage the complete devices. The MAM offers an ability to natively protect and control iOS, Android and HTML5 apps.

Symantec is preparing to launch a Data Loss Prevention for Mobile solution that will help CIOs to monitor and control the transmission of confidential data from mobile devices without restricting users’ access to applications.

Symantec Certificate Intelligence Center (CIC) for Mobile, an extension of Symantec Certificate Intelligence Center, helps manage SSL certificates across large and complex networks.

In addition, Symantec is introducing a Code Signing for Android tool that allows developers to digitally sign their .APK files for the Android platform. This cloud-based service also allows developers to securely manage their certificate keys and store their signed applications, all from a single intuitive cloud-based console. Symantec Code Signing for Android also has the first ever dedicated Android Root certificate from a security vendor.