Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Polaris Wireless Develops High-Accuracy Mobile Location Surveillance App

Polaris Wireless introduced a mobile location surveillance application for providing accurate mass location of all mobile devices operating on a cellular network, on-demand location, subscriber device tracking, and geo-fence capabilities to field agents on their mobile devices.

Altus Mobile is powered by Polaris Wireless Location Signatures technology and is the latest feature of Altus, the company's intelligent surveillance application suite for law enforcement and intelligence agencies worldwide.   Altus is the industry's only software-based surveillance solution that enables accurate mass location - providing users the ability to simultaneously locate all subscriber devices in a wireless network in real time and on a historical basis. The Wireless Location Signatures (WLS) technology identifies the location of a wireless device to within 50 meters, even in tough urban and indoor environments.

Altus Mobile allows field agents to simultaneously track suspects on a Smartphone or tablet, and make life-or-death decisions in real time by receiving up-to-date intelligence from headquarters, such as:

  • Past and current locations of suspects

  • Locations where two or more suspects meet

  • Occasions where suspects enter/exit a restricted area

  • Visualization of suspects' surroundings by augmented reality

  • Nearby locations of authorities (police, military, etc.)

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