Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ericsson Debuts Smaller Smart Services Router, Adds Akamai CDN Sharing

Ericsson has expanded its Smart Services Router 8000 portfolio with a smaller 10-slot model operators to deploy the SSR family in different parts of the network: IP Edge and aggregation. A 20-slot version of the SSR debuted last year.

The 10-slot SSR 8010 consumes only 3.3 watts per gigabit of traffic throughput and offers a smaller footprint while using the same universal slots, hosting the same hardware and software components, and using a common management system as the larger chassis.

Jan H├Ąglund, Head of Product Area IP & Broadband, Ericsson, says: "The introduction of the SSR 8010 highlights Ericsson's ongoing focus on developing 4th-generation IP solutions that can scale in multiple dimensions - data, control and service. Given we anticipate that the traffic between data centers and end users will quadruple to close to 1,000 exabytes annually by 2016, demand for smart solutions of this type is expected to be strong."

The SSR 8010 will be commercially available in Q3 2012.

Separately, Ericsson announced its Smart Cloud Accelerator solution for providing a unified caching solution for content delivery.  It optimizes over-the-top traffic and monetizes cloud content for operators, adding Akamai capabilities to Ericsson's SSR 8000 family of routing gateways. This allow operators to manage and deliver both their own content and that provided by third parties.

Ericsson confirmed that is using unified caching technology from Akamai to provide for dynamic capacity sharing between operators and their CDN customers, as well as over-the-top Internet traffic.