Friday, May 18, 2012

Deutsche Telekom Q1 Revenues Slide, Profits Up

Deutsche Telekom's Q1 revenue declined 1.1 percent to EUR 14.4 billion compared to a year ago, while EBITDA remained stable at EUR 4.5 billion, and adjusted EDITDA margin hit 31.0 percent, 0.4 percentage points higher than one year before.

Domestic net revenue amounted to EUR 6.4 billion, around EUR 0.2 billion lower than in the first three
months of 2011. International net revenue remained on a par with the level in the prior-year quarter at
EUR 8.0 billion.

"This was a very satisfying quarter for us," said René Obermann, Chief Executive Officer of Deutsche Telekom. "We have made significant progress in many areas and can now confirm our guidance for the year."

The company cited macroeconomic worries in Europe, intense competition and price changes imposed by the regulatory authorities as having a negative effect.

Some highlights:

In the German mobile market

  • Mobile contract net adds were -107k – due to customer migration of one reseller

  • Smartphone sales in Q1: 863k smartphones, of which 291k iPhones

  • LTE coverage increased to 25% of population (+11pp quarter-on-quarter)

  • Total subscriber base is 35,100,000

     In the German fixed line division:
  • Line losses were 24% below last year: 259k in Q1 (339k in Q1/11)

  • Broadband customers were up+2.5%: 12,367k, 102k net adds in Q1

  • Entertain customers were up +37%: 1,725k total, 173k net adds in Q1

  • Retail fiber customers (VDSL) were up +67%: 674k total, 66k net adds in Q1

  • Consumer ARPU increased by €0.40 to €25.60

  • T-Mobile USA

  • T-Mobile USA performed well, particularly in terms of its profitability. Revenue increased by 2.0 percent to EUR 3.8 billion in the past quarter, with adjusted EBITDA rising by 12.9 percent to EUR 1.0 billion
  • T-Mobile USA  saw the total number of prepay customers up by 187,000 in the first quarter. The number of branded contract customers (excluding machine-to-machine), on the other hand, was down by 510,000.