Monday, May 14, 2012

Amazon CloudFront CDN Tunes for Dynamic Content

Amazon CloudFront is now delivering dynamic content, providing Amazon Web Services customers a simple CDN solution with international reach.

Amazon CloudFront works seamlessly with dynamic applications running in Amazon EC2, without any custom coding or proprietary configurations, making the service simple to deploy and manage. Requests for dynamic, static and streaming content are all routed through Amazon CloudFront’s full worldwide network of edge locations.

Amazon CloudFront charges the same rates for both static and dynamic content.

Last October, Amazon noted that CloudFront had over 20,000 active customers which is double the number of customers from the same time last year. Currently, Amazon has 30 edge locations including Sao Paolo, Brazil (the first location in South America), Paris (launched in February 2011), and Stockholm (launched in June 2011).