Monday, April 16, 2012

Vyatta Debuts Vplane Forwarding Plane Software

Vyatta introduced a highly scalable forwarding plane software solution for next-generation enterprise and cloud network designs.

Vyatta vPlane's fast-path architecture promises far better performance than the company's previous generation software on the same off-the-shelf hardware. Leveraging the new fast-path architecture on an Intel Westmere-class system, Vyatta vPlane is capable of delivering more than 8 million packets per second per core, more than a 10x improvement over Vyatta without vPlane. Additionally, since vPlane scales linearly with the addition of cores, an entire Westmere system can deliver 35 million packets per second in only a single rack-unit of datacenter space.

A key advantage is the physical decoupling of the software forwarding plane from the control plane.

Vyatta said its implementation is able to accommodate new and emerging standards such as OpenFlow.

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