Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Verizon Integrates LTE with Private IP

Verizon Enterprise Solutions has started offering 4G LTE access into private IP corporate networks. Verizon Wireless now has LTE coverage in 230 markets across the United States and by the end of the year the footprint will cover more than 400 markets.

The new Private IP Wireless (LTE) securely extends corporate applications directly to mobile workforces and machine-to-machine applications. The service is being introduce immediately in both managed and unmanaged options, across the nationwide LTE footprint.

Verizon said Private IP Wireless (LTE) will be a catalyst for increased machine-to-machine communications, fueling the growth of the "Internet of Things" across various industries. Working with a growing number of strategic partners to develop industry-specific applications, Verizon is accelerating transformation across both private industry and the public sector. For example:

Transportation -- Verizon private network solutions keep trains running safely and on time with minimal human intervention.

Automotive – Verizon is teaming with the auto industry to create for consumers new experiences with their vehicles.

Media and Entertainment – Verizon is helping media and entertainment companies to create new remote broadcasting opportunities and change the face of digital signage to increase audience engagement with advertisers.

Retail – Retailers are employing Private IP wireless as a viable backup solution across their distributed locations, as well as using the service to enable point-of-sale transactions.

Distribution – Vending machines can now alert distributors about when to replace high-demand products, and collect valuable data about customer tastes and preferences.


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