Thursday, April 5, 2012

Toshiba Develops SSD-to-IP Streaming Engine

Toshiba introduced its "NPEngine", a hardware engine for streaming servers that directly delivers video content from SSD to IP networks, without accessing the server’s CPU or memory resources.

Toshiba's new NPEngine can simultaneously deliver up to 64,000 high quality video streams at 40 GB per sec. For comparison, the company said that existing streaming servers typically use integrated CPU and SDRAM, which limits the number of video streams that can be delivered simultaneously to approximately 20,000 on a typical 2RU server. Scalability to hundreds of thousands of streams at once requires the operator to increase the number of servers.

Toshiba’s NPEngine provides an alternative that eliminates burdens on server CPU and memory resources by delivering video content stored on SSD directly to IP networks. This direct delivery also boosts the number of high quality video streams that can be delivered at once to 64,000 at 40Gb per sec, while cutting space requirements by 70% and power consumption by 77%, for server arrays supporting simultaneous delivery of 1,000,000 video streams.