Sunday, April 15, 2012

Open Networking Summit - Video Interview with Dan Pitt

OpenFlow -- or software defined networking -- is clearly one of the industry's hottest trends, as it promises to bring the power of virtualization, the scalability of the cloud and the economics of commodity hardware. This interview with Dan Pitt, Executive Director of the Open Networking Foundation covers:

1:36 -- What is the mission of the ONF?

1:50 -- Is the ONF a standards setting body?

2:27 -- Has interest in SDF come primarily from data center application, telecom networks or both?

2:48 -- What has the ONF accomplished in its first year?

3:28 -- Attendance at the Open Networking is sold out. What makes it so hot?

4:01 -- What new at this latest summit?

4:34 -- Is SDN making the transition to early adopter phase?

5:12 -- What other resources are available?

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